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About Therapy

Psychotherapy is about a person daring to open up to what is inside (Rowan)

The answer lies within

What happens in therapy?

Therapy takes place when a client is having a difficulty, or he/she is experiencing an anxiety about an issue and they decide to seek the support of a psychotherapist or a counselor in order to talk and explore this in a private and confidential space.

Talking to a professional and a stranger for the first time, however, is not always easy for everyone and as result one of my aims as your therapist would be to create a safe and supportive space in order for you to feel comfortable to explore any of these difficulties you might be experiencing. Creating a trusting and mutually respective relationship is essential for our work together. As your therapist, I am not there to give you advice, direct you or judge you in any way. I see my role as being there to listen to your concerns, difficulties and anxieties and support you to explore them and think about them further in order to make them easier for you to understand them. By doing this, more options and choices can become available and with time you will be able to see some change in the way you think about different issues and how you deal with situations which were difficult for you.

'What lies before me is my past, I have got to make myself look on it with different eyes...This I cannot do by ignoring it,...or denying it. It is only to be done fully by accepting it as an inevitable part..of my life and character.' (Oscar Wilde)


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Prodromou 95, 
2063 Strovolos, Nicosia Cyprus
Tel: 96 599955
Skype sessions also available
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